The Weirdest Video Ever Made About Hacking Explained – Lulzsec

While I was surfing around the internet, trying to get the latest update  on the Lulzsec hackings, I came across what could be the strangest thing I have seen in my life.  (Scratch that – one time I saw a Hippopotamus begging for money on a side street…)  This video informs people in a subtle way that many miss, due to the fact that they’re too busy laughing at how weird this video is.  I want you to watch the video, and try to pick out as many hidden things about Lulzsec and Anonymous as you can, then read the analysis below the video.  (MAN, THIS VIDEO IS WACKED OUT!)



Weird Lulzsec Video – Why The Flying Boat?


weird lulzsec video


Anyone who knows anything about the Lulzsec hackings knows that those noobs in charge of Lulzsec think that they’re really sophisticated and can fly magic boats.  Thus, they have made their Twitter account all about the “Lulzboat.”  That is why there is a random sign near the beginning that says, “All Aboard the Lulz Boat!”

Why The Electronic Targeting System?

You should all know the answer to this one already, but I will share regardless.  In case you’ve been living under a giant rock, both Lulzsec and Anonymous are hackers.  Also, in case you do not have a brain, you generally hack things on the internet.  With what is the internet associated?  Technology.  With what is hacking associated?  Targeting different agencies for attack.  Thus, the producers of this weird Lulzsec video combined the “Tech” and “Targeting” components by giving the cannons target-finders.

Why Did They Only Shoot The Signs, and Not The Buildings?

The only answer to this question is that the animators were probably too lazy to make the buildings blow up, so they decided to go the “we’re symbolic” route and just blow up the signs.  I agree, the video would be more awesome if we got some more exploding action from Lulzsec’s high-tech cannons of destruction.

What Were The Flying Blue Birds?

Lulzsec updates its Twitter extremely often, telling of their achievements, recruiting people, and bragging.  This is where they get most of their media attention.  Since the Twitter logo is a blue bird, they used blue birds, as well as cameramen and journalists, to show the amount of attention these hackers are getting.  By the way, the “Lulz Manifesto” was a really bad reference to communism.

Web Ninjas?  Not As Weird As You Think

You might be wondering who was cheesy enough to make a video with ninjas attacking Lulzsec in it.  The truth is, the cheesy ones are the developers of Web Ninjas, a rival hacking group.  Their new blog claims that they’re owning Lulzsec in the face with their awesome shuriken ninja skills, as shown in the video.  Web Ninjas claims to be revealing the identities of Lulzers, but I haven’t seen incredible progress on their part.  Why am I not impressed?  Read this recent Tweet by Lulzsec –

“Clearly the UK police are so desperate to catch us that they’ve gone and arrested someone who is, at best, mildly associated with us. Lame.”