15 Cool TRON Gaming and Computer Accessories

The TRON movie did not blow people out of the water like whales filled with helium.  What it did do is start a crazy fad of having TRON gaming and computer accessories with neon blue and orange lines on them.  (TRON is just awesome enough to permeate every tech market in the world with its gaming and computer accessories.)  These TRON gaming and computer accessories are awesome for all geeky gadget lovers.  From headphones to case mods to Wii remotes, TRON has taken over the world.  We’re just here to show you that we are embracing our TRON Legacy overlords and their wonderful gaming and computer accessories.

TRON Computer Accessory – TRON Keyboard


tron keyboard computer


tron computer and gaming accessories


tron computer accessory keyboard


The TRON keyboard by Razer is an awesome computer accessory.  This cool device glows with the classic blue lights from the movies and has more features than just its attractive appearance.  At $160, the TRON computer accessory was designed specifically for gamers and has special perks for those who use it while playing the TRON computer game.  The TRON keyboard gives all users the benefit of an awesome light show during the startup and shutdown of your computer.  (By light show, I mean that this TRON computer accessory will slowly dim the lights off or turn them on.)  This cool keyboard also flashes its lights while you are playing the TRON computer game and plays sound effects from the movie.

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TRON Computer Accessory – TRON Wallpaper


tron computer accessory wallpaper


tron computer accessory


tron wallpaper


tron wallpaper computer accessory


The TRON walllpapers shown above are just some of the awesome TRON themed wallpapers available online.  These are all beautiful images, but my favorite is the one which brings Pac-Man into the TRON computer world.  I’m a sucker for anything retro, though, so maybe the other TRON wallpapers are cooler.

TRON Gaming Accessory – TRON Wii Remote


tron gaming accessory


tron gaming accessory


This cool TRON gaming accessory is basically just a Wii remote that looks like it came straight out of a TRON Legacy movie.  This Wii remote maintains the first party shape and feel, it is not like those silly WildCat controllers that fail epicly, and will make you look awesome if you decide to play Wii in complete darkness.  (Stranger video game sessions have taken place.) You can grab one over at Amazon.

TRON Computer Accessory – TRON Mac Dock


tron mac computer dock


This TRON computer dock, by NinjaPixel, is an awesome concept.  The picture depicts icons for a Mac dock that are TRON-themed with an intense light cycle image in the background.  If these Mac icons were to become available, I would definitely download them.  Isn’t it amazing how people can add glowing blue lines to things and make them one hundred times better than they were before?  That’s the power of a TRON computer accessory.

TRON Gaming Accessory – TRON Headphones and Earbuds


tron gaming accessory headphones


tron gaming accessory headphones and earbuds


tron gaming accessory earbuds




tron gaming accessory headphones


The headphones and earbuds above are awesome TRON themed Gaming accessories.  The headphones, by Monster, are pretty much a big deal.  If you didn’t know already, Monster created those Beats headphones which have dominated the audio market for an extremely long time.  They’re expensive, $300, but great quality.  The TRON earbuds are also by Monster and cost $50 – pretty expensive for earbuds.  But, then again, they’re TRON gaming accessories.  You can’t put a price on refurbished retro.

TRON Gaming Accessory – TRON PS3 Powerstation


tron gaming accessory ps3 powerstation


tron gaming accessory ps3 powerstation


The PS3 Slim Powerstation, also by Monster, is an awesome TRON gaming accessory.  This is basically a stand for your PS3 which also serves as an electrical medium and lights up with the classic blue TRON colors.  This TRON gaming accessory is a whopping $80 and is compatible with the PS3 slim.  If you have the normal PS3 or the PS3 Obese, do not buy this product.

TRON Gaming Accessory – TRON NES Case Mod


tron gaming accessory nes mod


tron gaming accessory nes mod


tron gaming accessory nes mod


The TRON NES Mod is an awesome TRON gaming accessory.  This TRON mod, developed by Thretris, is not what it appears to be.  While the lights behind the power switches are blue LEDs, the overall blue covering of the case is  just glow in the dark.  This TRON gaming accessory still looks extremely cool in both the light and the dark, so I’m not complaining.

TRON Gaming Accessory – TRON Universal Console Stand


tron gaming accessory universal console stand


The TRON Universal Console stand is an aesthetically appealing TRON gaming accessory.  This product will hold any current generation console, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, and will make your gaming setup much more intense.  Look at the light cycle on the side of this TRON gaming accessory and tell me that this device is not awesome.  I’m serious – leave a comment telling me that this is not awesome and I will give you props.  Or get angry.  You have a fifty to fifty shot.

TRON Computer Accessory – TRON Light Cycle Case Mod


tron computer accessory case mod


tron computer accessory case mod


The Light Cycle case mod is one of the coolest TRON computer accessories in the tech world.  This case mod looks like a light cycle from the TRON movies and has your computer sitting right in the middle of the design.  This case mod was created by Bod-Mods and is not currently for sale, which is unfortunate.

TRON Gaming Accessory – TRON Atari Cartridges


tron gaming accessory atari cartridge


These awesome TRON gaming accessories are Atari cartridges that have been modified to look like light cycles.  These would be even more awesome if I owned an atari.  The TRON Atari cartridges would work great with the NES TRON case mod – too bad.

TRON Gaming Accessory – PS3 and Xbox 360 TRON Controllers


tron gaming accessory xbox controller


tron gaming accessory tron xbox controller


tron gaming accessory ps3 controller


tron gaming accessory xbox controller


These attractive Xbox 360 and PS3 TRON controllers are all wired, which is somewhat disappointing.  (Why on earth would they not make them wireless?  To save batteries?)  My bias against Playstation is evident in the pictures above, since there is only one PS3 controller shown.  (Please do not get into a giant debate about Playstation versus Xbox in the comment section.)  There are orange, blue, yellow, and white versions of these cool TRON XBOX 360 Controllers.

TRON Computer Accessory – TRON Cube Case Mod


tron gaming accessory case mod cube


This case mod design, by Nick Falzone, is the epitome of TRON gaming accessories.  This looks like the perfect addition to a crazy TRON tech setup.  It may look like just a cube, but it’s not.  It’s a glowing cube with design appeal and a computer inside of it.

TRON Gaming Accessory – TRON Gaming Chairs

tron gaming accessory game chairs


These TRON gaming accessories will help you chillax while playing your favorite games, watching TV, or sleeping!  The TRON gaming chairs are packed with TRON – styled goodness and rocking fun!  (Rocking as in the back and forth motion, not the guitars and long hair fad.)  The chair on the right in the picture shown above even has sound hookups so that you feel immersed in whatever you’re doing.  Both hover around $100.

TRON Computer Accessory – TRON Computer Mouse

tron computer accessory mouse


tron gaming accessory mouse


tron gaming accessory mouse


This TRON mouse, developed by Razer, is actually meant to go with the TRON keyboard computer accessory, displayed at the very top of this post.  This TRON themed mouse was specifically designed for computer gamers who take their games seriously.  This TRON computer accessory is around $80.

TRON Computer Accessory – TRON Light Cycle USB Flash Drive


tron computer accessory usb drive


tron computer accessory light cycle usb drive


tron computer accessory usb drive


USB drives are a necessity for everyone in today’s era.  Whether you are a student or an esteemed businessman, you need to store files and be able to take them on the go.  (Personally, I think it will be a long time before cloud computing completely eradicates USB drives.)  These TRON light cycle USB drives were well designed and are perfect for any geek in need of a USB drive.  Cool TRON computer accessories are not cheap, but this flash drive is not very expensive – only $11.

What TRON computer or gaming accessories do you own?