Tesla Wars HD – Tower Defense iPad App

Tower defense games have been my favorite online pastime, other than blogging, for quite a while now.  Tesla Wars HD, an app available for both the iPad and iPhone, though there is no HD version on the iPhone, does not disappoint.  It takes a different approach to the tower defense format while still maintaining the general feel of “upgrade and protect.”  The object of Tesla Wars is to keep your wall safe from intruders, who happen to be stick figures.  Just tap and hold to shoot rays of electricity which will fry your opponents!

In Tesla Wars, there is an extremely long and interesting list of enemies, but I think it is good for you to know the depth of the game.  Tesla Wars has the vandal, destroyer, kamikaze, submachine gunner, rocketeer, wasp, swordsman, tank, rider, bombardier, and demolition man.  If you were afraid that there weren’t many different types of enemies, fear no more.

Tesla Wars – The Game Interface


tesla wars iphone app


When you first open Tesla Wars, you are directed to a hexagon-filled home screen with six options.  New, load, options, profiles, help, and Feint.  New and load need no explanation, and I never use Feint, but I’d like to share more about the middle three menus.  In options, you can change the blood color from red to blue as well as turn the music on or off.  In profiles, you can see everyone who has a saved game on your Apple iPad and what level they are on.  Help gives you a general idea of how to play the game as well as describing all enemies and upgrades, I would recommend going through this list before you start playing the game.

Tesla Wars – Upgrades


tesla wars app for iphone


tesla wars app ipad


There are countless upgrades you can purchase in Tesla Wars.  You can increase your health, boost your power, or even add special abilities to your tesla tower.  These abilities include, but aren’t limited to, toxic rays, X-rays, and a reflection ability.  The reflection ability gives your Tesla rays the power to jump from person to person, doing exponential amounts of damage.  This is an extremely entertaining app, so don’t miss out.  The iPad version is $4.99, while the iPhone version is a mere $.99.  It was worth every cent I paid for it.