5 Cool Nook Color Cases for Geeks

The Nook Color from Barnes N Noble is a popular ebook reader for geeks because it runs the Android operating system for its core processor. From what I understand, this OS means you can root the e-reader to become a netbook or laptop-like device. In other words, it turns the ebook reader into more than a device for reading digital books. You can use it like a full blown laptop while on the go. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some Nook Color cases that geek owners will totally appreciate.

Space Invaders Nook Color Cases


nook color cases space invaders


Space Invaders Nook Color Case – instead of featuring the obvious most popular video game (Pacman) we decided to go with the lesser (but still notable) Space Invaders. As a kid from the 80’s you no doubt spent countless hours playing this simple but addictive game. Showcase your love for this cool video game by wearing it as a case for your Nook Color e-reader. Many will stop and ask “hey, where did you get that awesome case? Let them know you snagged it on Etsy.

Star Wars Nook Color Case


star wars nook color case


nook color case star wars


Star Wars Nook Color Case – this one is obvious. We know. But it’s still worthy of mention since it’s so crazy popular. The Barnes N Noble digital reader is plenty potent and screams “cool” no matter how you dress it up, but this Star Wars case is quite unique. It’s a recycled hard back book turned into a case via four corner straps and velcro. Not too mention it will up your geek cred one notch. Give this one a look.

Epic Fail Nook Color Decal


nook color case


Epic Fail Nook Color Decal – here’s a cool vinyl decal geeks might be interested in. It features in big black letters the word “EPIC FAIL,” and what self respecting geek doesn’t love to regularly walk around and say this four letter word? It embodies everything that a geek is, including grandeur, loads of smarts, and, of course, awesomeness. Grab it online via Etsy seller Stitch Shop.  What is the Nook Color?  Not an epic fail.  This is not labeling your device as an epic fail, it’s just saying, in general, epic fail.

Anime Skin for The Nook Color


nook color cases


Anime Skin for the Nook Color ebook reader – for the female anime loving geeks in the house,  this cool decal skin is aimed at you. It features cool artwork, a cute design and a not so bad price as well. You apply it like you would a sticker and when you want to replace it, simply remove and it leaves no sticky residue behind. We found it on Amazon.

South Park Nook Color Case


south park nook case


south park nook color cases


South Park Case for Nook – for all the humor geeks reading, the South Park case for Nook Color will have you laughing all the way to Best Buy. This handmade case is perfect for those who prefer a slight edge with their bowl of comedy, it features Kenny front and center along with one of his popular mantr’as. This one was found on Etsy.

The cool thing about some of the high tech ebook readers is that you get to dress them up any which way you like, and do it again and again via various cases, covers and or skins. Find one that speaks to you and your unique sense of self. Whether your style is geeky, funny, slick or classic – the accessory to the Nook Color is a great way to show off – your personality.

This guest article was written by Greg who runs the eBook Reader Geek blog, his most popular article at the moment is on the top five Nook Color Covers found on the web. When he’s not online writing for his site, he loves to jog, bike and swim.

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