The Coolest Terrarium Designs Ever Conceived

Looking for a cool terrarium? Terrariums are, for people not familiar with the language of horticulture, glass containers in which plants are grown.  (Small animals can also inhabit terrariums.)  These are the coolest DIY and commercial terrariums ever created, and can help spice up your gardening life.  (Guys, gardening is cool – don’t be afraid to love it publicly.)

Bonsai trees, small shrubs, and cacti are extremely popular inhabitants of terrariums, due to their tendency to remain small.  Carnivorous plants, in some cases, can also be grown in terrariums.  What fun is that, though?  Bugs, mice, and small children won’t be able to get inside glass terrariums.  Did I say small children?  Good – that’s what I thought.

Terrarium Design – DIY Lightbulb Terrarium


diy light bulb terrarium


light bulb plant


The miniature DIY light bulb terrarium is made for moss and small cacti – not really for plants.  Regardless, it is still amazing.  To create this cool terrarium, you’re going to need to remove the filament and end of the lightbulb, buy some sand and moss, and make sure that you have an extremely tiny plant.  Since those were rather horrid instructions, I suggest that you visit The Hipster Home for complete instructions.

Terrarium Design – Oddly Shaped Glass Terrarium


plant growing in glass


This oddly shaped glass terrarium is a well-designed piece of decor which will fit well in any office.  What I love about this cool design is the extent to which the soil is visible – you can see the distinct layers of sediment.  The combination of green and red ferns makes the terrarium even more stunning in contrast to the blue stones.

Cool Terrarium Design – Coffee Pot Terrarium


diy cool terrarium in a coffee pot


The coffee pot terrarium is another awesome DIY terrarium design.  If those plants depicted in the picture are real, I will become a master of horticulture and rename them: “The One-Eyed Pink Octopus Tentacle Plant,” “Thing That Looks Like Sea Urchin Plant,” and “The One-Eyed Plant Which Is Similar To The Pink Octopus Tentacle Plant.”  (Yes, I know that they’re not real.  Everyone knows that plants have at least two eyes.)

Terrarium Design – Mario Mushrooms Artwork


mario mushrooms artwork


The Super Mario terrarium picture, by Jude Buffum, is a wonderful idea.  I would buy a product which simulated a Mario terrarium with plastic plants, and would be willing to pay a lot of money for it.  All of you designers, make it happen.  All of you geneticists, own the designers in the face by creating plants that grow to look exactly like the flowers in Super Mario Bros.

Terrarium Design – Icosahedron Bonsai Terrarium


icosahedron glass terrarium


This cool terrarium design, named TERRA, is an icosahedron made solely of glass and wood.  TERRA, also called the all-around terrarium, comes with a bonsai tree already planted, and some other various ferns and small plants.  This is an amazing terrarium design which beats out its competitors in almost every aspect.  This awesome product even spins on its base, giving you a 360 degree view of your plants.

Terrarium Designs – Light Bulb Fish Aquariums


lightbulb fish tank


fish in light bulb


fish inside lightbulb


fish terrarium


These awesome fish terrariums, some of which are real and some of which are courtesy of Photoshop, are great concepts.  These cool terrariums combine technology and nature in a stunning way which incorporates moving creatures.  Fish terrariums rule.

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