Transformers Bumblebee Cake of Epic Proportions – Like A Boss

You’ve probably seen a thousand transformer cakes online, and perhaps some of them were respectable.  I guarantee you that you have not seen anything like the Bumblebee Cake by Buddy Valastro.  Weighing in at 1,500 pounds, this thing is a monster.


giant bumblebee cake


Bumblebee Cake: Transformers


tlc boss bumblebee cake


This giant Bumblebee cake was made by Buddy Valastro, the star of “TLC Cake Boss.”  His humongous cake, which was too big to be baked in his 10,000 sq. ft bakery and needed to be moved elsewhere, has cool features other than being tasty.  There are blue LEDS in Bumblebee’s eyes and white LEDS on the car’s headlights and the Transformer’s chest.  These lights are cool, but everybody who is anybody would agree that flamethrowers make everything better.  Buddy Valastro recognized this well-known fact and put a flamethrower into the cake, specifically in Bumblebee’s right hand.  Can you say, “time to go blow some stuff up with my 1,500 pound cake?”


big transformers cake


In case you wanted to create your own giant Transformers cake, here are the ingredients that he used to create this awe-inspiring monstrosity.  (Monstrosity has a good connotation in this context.)  All that you will need to replicate this cake is some yellow sponge cake, rice crispy treats, buttercream frosting, yellow frosting, black frosting, flamethrowers, LEDs, entire crews of professional cake-makers, and a hint of awesomeness.  It took Buddy and his crew 4 days, pulling all-nighters, to finish the Bumblebee cake that you see above.  That’s what I call dedication.


yellow bumblebee cake


Why did Buddy decide to create this tasty treat?  GM, looking for publicity for their new Camaro, approached the Cake Boss with an offer he couldn’t refuse.  Now… if only we could get him to let us eat that cake…

Via: Oddity Central

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