The Best iPhone 4 BrickCase Creations

The BrickCase for iPhone 4, by SmallWorks, turns your iPhone into a blank canvas on which you can dump your wonderful lego-related ideas.  In more understandable terms, “the case, like, let’s you, like, put, like, legos on it and stuff, you know?”  These are the best functional and aesthetic creations for the iPhone 4 BrickCase.


brickcase lego iphone


brickcase creation iphone


lego case for iphone 4


Before we get started, I just wanted to give you guys a little bit more info about the BrickCase.  (I know you little vultures were eagerly awaiting my ideas so you could eat them and spit them back out at me.  Now I feel sad… I wouldn’t be sad anymore if you subscribed.  And I wouldn’t call you vultures as often.)  This lego-compatible case was developed by SmallWorks and is available online for $19.99, not a bad price.  You can purchase the lego BrickCase in white black, or transparent.  (Transparent all the way – why would I run out and buy one of those snazzy white iPhones and then cover up its beauty with a case?  Uh-uh, broseph stalin.)

BrickCase Lego Creation – Android Mascot and Apple Logo


brickcase iphone lego creation


Matt Gemmel is a cool guy because he has demonstrated the acceptance of all ethnicities, skill levels, and software choices.  On the left, you see his blue Android mascot made out of legos.  On the right, you see the Apple logo in legos on his BrickCase.  Both of these lego creations are awesome ideas for anyone with a BrickCase and some legos.

BrickCase Lego Creation – Worship the iPhone


lego iphone brickcase


Since the SmallWorks BrickCase lego-compatible iPhone accessory is for sale on ThinkGeek, they have decided to promote their product by creating an amazing lego scene of the poor civilians bowing down to the iPhone.  Oh, look at these civilians bowing down to me, so cute!  I wonder if they fry like KFC chicken.  Zap!  Zap!  Aaaaah!  *Crunch*  mmmm…..  So tasty….

BrickCase Lego Creation – Star Wars AT-AT and Dock


lego iphone case brickcase


iphone 4 case lego brickcase


While these cool structures by cdharris do not feature the SmallWorks BrickCase, they should.  These lego iPhone creations would be so much more awesome if built onto the back of the lego-compatible case or somehow incorporated with this cool gadget.  Cdharris, if you ever read this, answer my plea!  Or don’t.  I don’t really care.  I’m sure someone else will take on the challenge if you refuse.

BrickCase Lego Creation – Mini Plasma TV iPhone Stand

brickcase lego builder iphone


smallworkse brickcase iphone


cool lego iphone stand


This cool iPhone BrickCase creation is an adjustable stand for your smartphone that was dubbed “Plasma TV Stand” by its creator, Timothy Gruber.  This is a great way to stand up your iPhone, since you can easily detach and attach the device.  Plus, it gives you the “mini” feeling when watching a YouTube video on the screen – I feel like a jolly leprechaun!  Watch out!  I see a leprechaun infidel!  Bite his ankles!