The Air Hogs Hyperactive RC Car – Fastest Palm Sized RC


Sure, there are palm sized RC cars that you can buy at Target.  They work for a minute, charge for seven, work for another minute, then die out.  The Air Hogs Hyperactive RC car is different – it’s the fastest palm sized RC car!  (This is true, though Air Hogs doesn’t specifically make this claim.  Instead, they say that the Air Hogs Hyperactive RC car is the fastest remote control car you can buy for under $80.)  Air Hogs hasn’t released much information on the Hyperactive, but I’ve managed to scrounge up some information from the slums of the internet.  That back alley, black market kind of stuff.  (Just kidding, I got Popsci for my birthday.)

Air Hogs Hyperactive RC Car – 600 Mph Scale Speed


air hogs hyperactive rc car


Like I said, Air Hogs hasn’t released much information on the Hyperactive RC.  What we do know is that it has a 600 mph scale speed.  Let me explain.  Since the Air Hogs Hyperactive is a 1:32 scale car, and it goes over 20 mph, if we used a growth ray to make it the size of an actual car, it would theoretically go 600 mph.

Since the Air Hogs Hyperactive will be going on sale for $50 at some point this year, they can make the claim that their RC car is the fastest for under $80.  The remote control that comes with the Air Hogs Hyperactive is a pistol grip remote that provides for a 150 foot range on a .4 GHz channel.  (.4 GHz allows for multiple cars to be run at the same time.)

This little RC car produces so much torque that it can race around the inside of spheres and spiral up cylinders as shown in the video below.  You don’t want to miss the release date and updated information on the Air Hogs Hyperactive RC Car, so subscribe to Cool Gizmo Toys and ensure that you are up to date with the latest on this cool toy.

BUY Air Hogs Hyperactives R/C Vehicle

BUY Air Hogs Hyperactives R/C Vehicle

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  1. reece beezer
    reece beezer07-03-2011

    hi can i have one ofthose coz there cool

    • Jack Kieffer
      Jack Kieffer07-03-2011

      I wish I could get them for free, but sadly, I cannot. If I ever find one during an escapade of dumpster diving I’ll surely save it for you.

    • Jack Kieffer
      Jack Kieffer07-03-2011

      Another reason you can’t have one is that it isn’t available yet.

  2. BURNS

    Dude, I don’t think it has 20miles per hour, physically doesn’t make sense with such a light-weight and handy car.

    • Jack Kieffer
      Jack Kieffer07-29-2011

      I see that you have been baffled by its awesomeness.

    • google

      it does i have one but runs out of battery FAST!

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