Angry Birds – The Best Real Life Versions of The Game

Angry Birds is, unquestionably, the most addicting app available on either iPhone or Android.  This fact has led people to imitate the game in real life – they constructed some awesome Angry Birds levels and some awesome Angry Birds slingshots.  Now if only I could get one of these at my house…

Backyard Angry Birds


Angry Birds


The backyard Angry Birds setup, by Jack and Nick Packard, is not an exact aesthetic imitation of the game, but it is awesome nonetheless.  Admittedly, the pigs look like balloons drawn on with marker, because they are, and the birds look like bowling balls, because they are, but the backyard Angry Birds setup is awesome for its destructiveness.

Wooden planks and fake pigs have been set up to imitate Angry Birds levels, but these copies are soon decimated by heavy balls flying from a homemade gargantuan slingshot.  Watch the video below from Funny or Die.


Angry Birds in Placa Nova, Spain


spain angry birds


Rovio and Telekom decided, just for fun, to build an entire Angry Birds replica complete with fake pigs, towers, and birds.  This manifestation of Angry Birds is much more visually professional than the version shown in the backyard shenanigans above, and the pigs explode.  Explosions always add to the base value of huge iPhone app replicas.  Watch the video below – you might want to skip the first half, since it just shows the live band playing music to accompany the Angry Birds madness.


Mattel Angry Birds Board Game


angry birds board game


Mattel has created the official Angry Birds board game.  One player will draw a card, and the other player will recreate the structure as shown.  The player who initially chose the card will then launch the corresponding birds at the structure in an attempt to devastate all of the pigs and knock over the “bonus” piece.  The Angry Birds board game is $15.  Cool slingshot, bro.

BUY Angry Birds Board Game


Conan O’Brien’s Giant Angry Birds Replica


conan obrien angry birds


Conan O’Brien had a show where he used a giant slingshot to shoot giant red Angry Birds.  Of course, you are assuming that his targets were pigs.  While there were, in fact, pigs in the structure, his primary target was a boom box playing a Kim Kardashian single.   (At least the first time.)  The point is – Conan O’Brien played Angry Birds on a massive scale, and it was great.  Watch the video.


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