People Believe The Onion’s Updates – Why I Do Not Have A Facebook

All of my friends constantly nag me about not having a personal Facebook, and I never have a good defense as to why I do not.  Now, I have legitimate reasons not to have a Facebook.  Someone has created a website full of instances where people on Facebook read updates from The Onion and believe them.  Some of these are super funny, and I’ve included the best from this site of funny compilations, which is rightly called “Literally Unbelievable.”

people think the onion is real

Below are the most ridiculous instances of gullible Facebook users believing and commenting on updates which should seem insanely ridiculous at first glance.  (If they don’t, something has gone wrong.  Very, very wrong.)  My favorite is the Harry Potter post – I still don’t believe that anyone could fall for that.  Maybe the creator of Literally Unbelievable posted all of these comments himself and they’re all fake?  No – I’ve seen people do things that would make these ridiculous comments believable.  Unfortunately.  The commenters’ names and pictures have been blanked out – the intention is not to make people feel bad about being gullible, it is to have a good laugh.  Keep it clean, homies, keep the fun clean.

People Believe The Onion – Harry Potter Movie


people believe the onion

Four minutes cannot be made into seven films.  I bet that at least one of the people on that list is just messing with the others – I guarantee it.

People Believe The Onion – Puppy Football

the onion puppy football facebook


What even is puppy football?  Seriously?  I can’t believe any Facebook dweller actually believed this story from The Onion.

People Believe The Onion – Don’t Push The Button!


people think the onion is real

I wouldn’t be too quick to call anyone a nutcase, secret commentator.  Just saying – there is never and never will be a single button on the President’s desk that launches all of the U.S.’s nuclear missiles.  Why would anyone believe this?  The world may never know.

People Believe The Onion – 12 Hours of Gridlock


is the onion real

This one is not as ridiculous as some of the fake posts above, but it’s still pretty bad.  I can’t really tell if that guy is joking or if he actually believes the article.  Let’s hope he was joking.

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