9 Geeky Circuit Board Creations That Will Blow Your Mind

Circuit boards, nowadays, are used in almost everything electronic.  These tech products have become integral parts of our lives, but they remain unseen – like those people that change the scene during a play.  (I always spot those little sneaks, though.  Nothing gets past Chuck Norris or Jack Kieffer.)  Some people agree with me in believing that circuit boards should see the light of day, and have created some awesome gadgets, fashion items, and decorations from these unseen workers.

Geeky Circuit Board Creations

These circuit board creations will blow your mind – nine times.  This post is not for the light of mind or the sick of brain – Cool Gizmo Toys takes no responsibility for minds that no longer function after having read this post.  You have been warned.

Circuit Board Dragon


dragon circuit board creations

This geeky piece of circuit board art is pretty awesome.  The tongue and tail are made of red wire, as is the awesome mohawk thing.  (I am at a loss for the scientific term describing a dragon’s hairdo.)  This is a great manifestation of circuit board recycling, and is a great piece of geeky art.

Via: Gizmodo

Circuit Board Guitar Picks


guitar pick from circuit board

cool guitar pick

Guitar players are often viewed as what some may describe as “hardcore rocker dudes,” but this is not always the case.  Those of us who enjoy the … “milder” side of guitar playing would love to strum with these nerdy circuit board guitar picks.  Maybe those guitarists for metal bands have a geek deep inside them?  I’ve seen stranger things …

Via: Cola Shen’s Time Capsule and Technabob

Circuit Board Coasters


geeky coasters

circuit board coaster

Everyone knows that coasters are an important part of a table’s life – how would you like it if people put hot cups of coffee or freezing bottles of water all over you?  These geeky circuit board coasters are the best way to keep your tables’ morale up while still looking like a techie.  Some of these creations were crafted from real circuit boards, while others are just drawings or other types of art.

Via:  ThinkGeek

Giant Egg Made From Circuit Boards


circuit board creations giant egg

This giant egg, the outside of which is fashioned solely from circuit boards, is nowhere short of amazing.  Located in Palo Alto, CA, this piece of circuit board art is seven feet tall and weighs a lot. One of the coolest, and definitely the biggest, pieces of circuit board art I have ever seen.

Via:  Flickr

Circuit Board Cufflinks


geeky circuit board creations fashion

geeky circuit board cufflinks

circuit board cufflinks

geeky circuit board cufflinks

Cufflinks are a must for businessmen donning fancy shirts, but the cufflinks sold with the shirts are always incredibly boring.  With these circuit board cufflinks, you can spice up your business life by bringing a little “geek” into the office.  All of the cufflinks pictured above were fashioned from recycled circuit boards, which makes them nerdy and eco-friendly.

Via:  GeekyGadgets, Life Sufficiency, Technabob, and GeekAlerts

Circuit Board Pens


circuit board pen

geeky pen

pen made from circuit board

The first two circuit board pens pictured above are, unfortunately, not made from recycled circuit boards.  The bottom pen, however, was created by connecting four different circuit boards.  While the idea of a pen created from recycled circuit boards is awesome, it looks like it would be relatively painful to write with that pen.  The edges of the circuit boards look really uncomfortable.  Good to look at, though.

Via: About Gadgets

Circuit Board Art – The Sun


circuit board art

This is an awesome painting that incorporates circuit boards.  It doesn’t really fit in with the rest of this post, but it’s the sun.  How could I pass up a picture of the sun made out of circuit boards?

Via:  Circuit Board Art

Circuit Board Turtle


turtle made from circuit boards

This piece of circuit board art looks almost as difficult to make as the dragon, shown at the top of this post.  How do people figure out these things?  Amazing.

Via:  Green Living Ideas

Circuit Board Bookends


geeky circuit board creations

These circuit board bookends are perfect for anyone needing a simple and eco-friendly way to organize their books.  These geeky creations are 100% recycled circuit boards.  I bet you’ve never seen those things in a library.

Via:  Lehsys Blogger News