Edible Pen – We Can, and We Have

Why on earth would someone need an edible pen?  Nobody knows.  Why on earth would someone want an edible pen?  Because it’s awesome.  Designed by Dave Hakkens, this pen lets you do more than just chew on your writing utensil – you can eat it.

Edible Pen

edible pen


The rings on the chew-friendly pen are hard candy, similar to the sugary goodness on candy necklaces.  The yummy pen also includes unflavored edible ink, which I probably wouldn’t eat.  (I will eat my pen, but eating my pen’s ink is taking things too far.  I’m not a vampire, man.)


edible pen


The usability of the pen is short-lived, due to its small amount of included ink.  (Ink is located only at the tip.)  Thankfully, you probably won’t be using the edible pen for extended amounts of time due to the fact that you are consuming it.  The edible pen is a real product, but is not being sold commercially.  Yet.  Apparently, pen companies aren’t in touch with what’s “hip” anymore.  Dave has made Kiwi, Banana, Peppermint, Orange, Watermelon, and Mixed flavored pens thus far.  So, add some extra money to the grocery budget this month and add a few edible pens to the cart.  My mouth is salivating at the though of doing math problems with one of these babies as my writing utensil.  I think I’ll go with “mixed candy” for my first choice.  Sounds delectable!