8 Domo Crafts That Are So Adorable I JUST WANNA HUG ‘EM!

Here’s a list of the most exhilarating Domo Kun crafts, depictions of the unbearably cute Japanese character we call Domo.


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Domo-Kun Crafts iPod Nano Case

Domo craft

If you have an iPod Nano, start getting excited.  Someone has created an extremely geeky Domo iPod Nano felt sleeve, and has even included instructions on how to make your own.  I hope you’re good at sewing.

Domo iPod Nano Case

Domo Papercraft

Domo arts and crafts

Everyone has seen Domo amigurumi before, which is undoubtedly cool, but how many times have you seen a Domo papercraft?  (Domo fans are probably unfazed – they’ve seen everything.  Most average people, however, are unfamiliar with even the concept of a Domo papercraft.)  Cubeecraft has a printable sheet which can be folded to make this exhilarating Domo DIY art.

Domo Papercraft

Paper Bag Domo

domo-kun craft

Though paper bag Domo Kun crafts may seem a bit simple, imagine the looks on your coworker’s faces when you strut into the office breakroom during your lunch-break, sit down, and pull out a Domo-themed paper bag that you made yourself.  Are you imagining?  I think you would like the results of that encounter.  Respect points earned: infinite.

Domo paper bags

Domo iPhone Felt Sleeve

domo felt phone case

The Domo iPhone felt case is a craft, but can actually be bought for $23 on Etsy.  Making the Domo iPhone case shouldn’t be terribly difficult for anyone with sewing skills, much like the Domo iPod Nano case.  This exhilarating Domo craft is a great accessory for any rectangular-shaped Apple product, of which there are a great number.

Domo iPhone case

Domo DIY Digital Photo Frame

DIY Domo arts and crafts

The Domo DIY digital photo frame is definitely exhilarating, but may take a bit more work and some monetary assistance, to complete.  Instructables tells you how to make this amazing Domo craft, but before you jump in you should be prepared to buy a mini digital photo frame and a plush Domo.  If you didn’t figure it out, the Domo DIY digital photo frame is a digital photo frame surgically inserted into a Domo.

Domo DIY digital photo frame

Domo-Kun Themed Cake

Domo baked goods

The delicious Domo themed cake is a great tribute to our dearest friend, Domo.  We regret that in order to enjoy Domo, we must eat Domo, but it has to be done.  Who knew that cartoon TV representatives were so tasty?

Domo cake

Several Perler Bead Domos

bead domo craft

domo made from perler beads

domo DIY beads

I couldn’t decide which of these wonderful perler bead crafts to include in my list of exhilarating Domo Kun crafts, so I included them all.  Perler beads are easy to work with, and it isn’t too difficult to make a character like Domo.

3D Domo Origami

cool origami Domo

By the looks of it, the 3D Domo Origami craft is very near to “impossible” on the difficulty spectrum.  I have included a link to a video that supposedly teaches you how to make this amazing Domo craft, but I think you’re going to have to have some prior origami experience.

3D Domo Kun Origami

Check out more great Domo Kun stuff like this plush Domo backpack!