Tips On How To Keep Your Test Tube Alien Toy Alive And Healthy

test tube aliens toy

Test Tube Alien

Tell Me What Your Plans Are, You Slimy Slug!

Have you ever wanted to interrogate someone?  Use your crazy awesome tactics to extract information from an infamous fugitive and save the planet?  Now you can do just that!  The Test Tube Alien is supposed to represent an alien egg which researchers stole from the mother ship.  The “Test Tube” that this gadget comes in must be filled with water and fed regularly for the alien to grow properly.  Assuming you don’t slack, your little buddy will reach full size in two weeks’ time.  After this cool toy transforms into a fully-grown alien, you can log in to the Test Tube Aliens website and interrogate your alien.  Pay $25, become a temporary parent, and save the world.  Not a bad gig, if you ask me.

Tips On Caring For Your Alien

Your Test Tube Alien is very picky and needs precise conditions to survive.  If the water level is above the antennae, its heart, located on its head, will turn green and it will die.  If the water is to low, your alien’s heart will turn orange and it will die.  Expose your alien to too much light and it will die.  Keep it in the dark for too long and it will die.  Follow the half and half rule, 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark, and you should be fine.  Try to keep your alien alive for as long as you can!  (I think the record is seven months?)  If you beat the record, leave a comment.


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