1967 Ford Mustang Remote Control Car By Maisto


The Ford Mustang is arguably one of the best muscle car series in the history of muscle cars.  The Maisto 1967 Ford Mustang Remote Control car is a cool rc vehicle that succeeds in capturing the greatness of the Mustang saga and is a cool gadget in itself.  This 1:24 scale model is a great representation of the classic 1967 car.

Capture The Elegance Of The 1967 Ford Mustang In A Remote Control Toy

1967 Ford Mustang Remote Control Toy

Unfortunately, this cool remote control car is not powered by rechargeable batteries – the car takes 3 AA batteries and the remote takes a 9 Volt.  (That’s really old fashioned and kind of a disappointment but I can live with it.)


The Maisto 1967 Mustang Remote Control Car comes in several colors: blue, red, black, and others.  $20 at eBay

  1. Ford Dealer Glendale
    Ford Dealer Glendale04-05-2011

    It’s a cute car. I thought that any device which takes AA batteries can be replaced with rechargeable ones.

  2. J-Man

    That’s absolutely right, but to tell you the truth, many people are too lazy or too frugal to buy rechargeable AA batteries even though they will break even. (Depending on how many batteries they use.) I just meant it doesn’t come with a NimH battery pack. Which are really convenient.

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