Customizable Moving Keyboard – Smartfish Engage Keyboard

Customizable Moving Keyboard

Let’s Play A Quick Game Of Guess Who!

“Who needs a really cool awesome gadget keyboard that moves?” you might ask.  “Does he have a beard?  Is it a woman?  Whiz Khalifa or Wocka Flocka Flame perhaps?”  The answer is that you need a really cool customizable moving keyboard.

If you’re reading this, it is probably safe to assume that you have a computer or a smartphone.  (How did he know that?  What’s going on?  Is this site phishing for my data?)  It is also safe to assume that you actually care about random gadgets and cool toys.  (This is just getting creepy now…. Is he an identity thief?)

smartfish engage customizable moving keyboard

Well, since you will need to be surfing the internet, and visiting Cool Gizmo Toys as many times as humanly possible, to find cool new gizmos, you should have an extremely comfortable way to do it.  That’s where the Smartfish Engage Keyboard comes in.  (Oh!  Now he’s trying to sell me something?  Ridiculous!  You phisher!)

smart fish playing underwater soccer


Smartfish Is Such A Bad Name That You’ll Remember It Forever.  Which Is Good.

The Engage Keyboard, created by Smartfish technologies, is not a new idea.  There have been a couple of earlier models made by Smartfish, but none that are as advanced as the Engage.  (What moron decided to name the company Smartfish?  He probably hired a group of second graders to do it for him!)

This gadget knows your typing style and is able to calculate the position that the keyboards should be in for maximum relaxationness.  (The red underline means that it’s a word, right?)

The Smartfish Engage Keyboard has a motor that can push the two separate keyboards apart, somehow making your hands more relaxed – it often purposely moves to different positions while you’re typing to increase your comfort level.  (Hey – I don’t know how it works, but supposedly it helps!)  This cool computer gadget costs $150.

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