Even Hardcore Mac Fans Will Enjoy The Dell Latitude 2120 Netbook

Dell Latitude 2120 Netbook – Relatively Flexible

The Dell Latitude 2120 Netbook is going to launch at the 2011 CES, which all techies are excited about.  Even if you’re a hardcore Mac fan, like I am, I think you’ll still find this netbook to be interesting, like I did.  It’s not for really intense bloggers/gamers/people who waste their lives on the computer, but if you just need something portable that can do most things fairly well, this will be the netbook for you.  The Dell Latitude is pretty flexible.  Yes, if you bend it the thing will snap in half, but it can do a lot of things.


Strange Thoughts And An Even Stranger Chuckle.  Heh.

One of the only complaints I have about my MacBook is that there’s only two USB ports.  The Dell Latitude 2120 solves this problem by providing 3 USB ports, which is pretty handy.  It’s funny because when I say/type “handy” I think of some guy with seven hands dressed as a tiger.  Heh.  Heh. Heh heh.

Fun With SD Cards

The Dell Latitude 2120 also comes with a webcam and an SD card slot.  Seriously?  An SD card slot?  “That’s really outdated” you might say.  But, in fact, this is extremely handy because you can just take that SD card from your digital camera and easily feed it to your computer!  (No, your computer will not eat the SD card; it will give it back to you most of the time.  If it doesn’t, 4-6 hours should do the trick.)  This cool netbook gadget will be able to run on Windows 7 and Ubuntu.  Sweetness.

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