Best Camera For My Child – The Lego Digital Camera

Good Thing It’s Pre-Built Legos!

Aww man!  I’m the worst lego builder ever!  How am I going to build a working digital camera out of Legos?  Good thing I don’t have to, thanks to the awesome Lego Digital Camera gadget!  Now I can look like a small child while I snap some crazy awesome photos!  I think you’ll like the specifications of this digital camera if you’re looking for a really simple camera for one of your kids.  If not, this might not be your dealio.

lego digital camera best camera for my child

Best Camera For My Child

Ages 9 And Under Only.  Unless You’re … Different!

The Lego Digital Camera sports a 3 megapixel camera, about the same resolution as my picture phone, and an LCD screen.  This cool toy has an extremely stylish lego block design and has flash and auto-focus features.  The Lego Digital Camera Gizmo comes in two colors – generic lego block and pink.  The bottom line is that if you’re over the age of 9, then you should probably look into something more technically and aesthetically advanced.  Priced anywhere from $40 to $60 – a good deal for what you get!

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