Amphibious RC Airsoft Battle Tank


The Amphibious RC Airsofting Battle Tank is the best… invention… in the world!  (Dramatic Echo).  This RC airsoft tank contraption has a rechargable battery and can run for a decent amount of time without having to be recharged.

Amphibious RC has an Airsoft Feature

The rc amphibious tank can shoot people in the legs from up to 60 feet away!  If you’re going for anything above the waist, your range might be reduced to 50 feet.  Sorry.  Anyway, the RC Amphibious etc. etc. can transform from an rc tank into a ship in under two seconds!  That’s faster than Megatron can do it! Just on a smaller scale…

Nocturnal Battles

It has flashing LED lights so you can use it at night.  All of this awesomeness is available to you for just… (drumroll) … 39.99.

BUY RC Airsoft Battle Tank

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