LCD Boogie Board – Electronic Paperless Drawing Pad


The LCD Boogie Board is a cool paperless drawing tablet and an even better way to go green than having a compost pile.  This pressure sensitive LCD screen allows you to draw again and again and again and again.

Erasable Screen

The erasable screen lasts for 50,000 erases.  To erase what you have drawn or written, just press the little button at the top to get a blank screen!  The battery lasts for six years if you erase it twenty times a day, which you probably won’t.

LCD Boogie Board Pricing

The best thing is that the LCD Boogie Board only costs 42.99!  I’m pretty sure that costs less than 50,000 pieces of paper.  It also saves a great number of trees!

Where to Buy the LCD Boogie Board

I personally tried this baby out at the Baltimore Airport’s Brookstone Store – not a bad way to pass the time while waiting for yet another airline delay . . .

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