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Smencils are 100 percent recycled (newspapers) smellable pencils that come in ten awesome “flavors.”  Smells include: Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Rootbeer, and Grape.  Guaranteed to keep giving off their wonderful aromas for two years.

Come in cool sets – great for gift giving!

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  1. Smencils

    I’ve always bought Smencils from a company called Go Green Fundraising. They even have peppermint ones that are my kids favorites.

  2. Smencils


    Just looking at them makes you want them.

    thats how cool they really are.

  3. The Smencils Team
    The Smencils Team03-08-2012

    Thanks for the Smencils article.

    We wanted all of our loyal Smencils fans to be the first to know that we are now bringing “Smanimals” to life. Pink Llamanade, Kangarootbeer, Mint Chocolate Chipmunk and friends are on a journey to become real scented stuffed animals. You can track with their busy lives at at or

    Thanks again for all the Smencil love!

    The Smencils Team

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