Collectible Iwako Japanese Erasers

Iwako Japanese erasers


The Iwako Japanese erasers are a collection of cute figurines that are also erasers. You can also take them apart and mix them up and put them back together to make cool combos. Did you know that there are over 600, yes 600, different Iwako Japanese Erasers? Hamsters, pandas, sharks, frogs, penguins . . . well, you get the idea.

You can see most of them online at the IWAKO USA Japanese Eraser Museum website.  Want to buy a few, but don’t know how to convert yens to dollars?  No problem, you can get them at eBay using good old American Greenbacks – otherwise known as a Credit Card.  Around a buck a piece,but usually sold in sets.  Awesome!


Iwako Japanese Erasers


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