Robot Toy: WowWee Robopanda an Interactive Bear

The Wowee Robopanda is a cute, adorable companion that doesn’t need a remote!  This robot, which looks like a panda bear, interacts through touch, sound, and movement.  It has touch-sensitive skin and can tell the difference between a stroke, touch and a pat.

According to WowWee, he’s quite a friendly little guy:

Robopanda™ is a playful and talkative interactive friend. With his engaging personality and bright animated eyes, Robopanda™ loves to share stories and jokes, play games, sing songs and talk with children of all ages. He’s a fun-filled robotic bear who can even crawl on all fours and return to a sitting position.


Wowee Robopanda Robot Toy


Robopanda Robot Tells Bedtime Stories


Robopanda even tells bedtime stories and has a plush panda that it hugs!  Robopanda holds hands, sits, rolls over, and does many other fun and cute things!  See the video below.


Robopanda Power Source


Robopanda runs on 4 AA batteries and 6 C batteries.  It can be bought for about $45 dollars at many stores, including eBay.



This is a robopanda commercial – cute!

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