Slinky Dog Retro 1950

20 Cool Toys: Retro Style

Kids are mesmerized by screens these days, and they forget (or never discover) how much fun cool toys can be, especially the ones that all of us old fogies played with as children.  Pitting the blue punching machine against the red punching machine and popping the other guy’s head off is the most fun that can be had around the Christmas season.  So, be sure to be “that awesome relative” who didn’t buy their young nephew a video game about illegal substances …

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mom dog sweater

20 Cool Dog Sweaters That Scream Fashionista

I hate to admit it, but I’m one of those deranged people who finds dogs wearing clothing adorable. Some may argue that it’s ridiculous; I argue that it’s ridiculously adorable. I mean, yes, getting a dog to wear something along the lines of, say, a Gucci vest or a designer hat? Yes, that might be a bit much. But a dog in a fuzzy sweater with a dorky picture on it? Shut up and hand me the adoption papers right now. So, …

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LEGO City Town Square

LEGO City: 15 Cool Sets Your Kids Want for Christmas

LEGO is a necessity of every person’s childhood. It doesn’t matter your gender, race, or creed; everyone loves LEGO. It’s the classic toy that’ll never go out of style. What other toy gives you that immediate sense of gratification the second you’ve completed crafting a set, while also giving you the freedom to construct creations of your own making? Not to mention no other toy can make a child sit in perfect silence for such a long period of time. Yessir, nothing …

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Toy Store Picks: Top Twenty 2013 Christmas Toys

Christmas is right around the corner, so naturally our minds are set on the most important part of the holiday season. No, not family. Nope, not those season greetings and yuletide cheer. Nah, not that Jesus guy. We’re talking Christmas presents. Obviously. (and that means . . . toy store!) Gift shopping can be tricky in general, especially when it comes to kids. It’s hard to keep up with the popular toys nowadays, seeing as trends are rapidly changing by leaps and …

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RoomMates TRON Light Cycle Peel & Stick Giant Wall Decal

TRON Uprising Inspires Toys and Collectibles

TRON has been an obsession for geeks around the world since its inception in the age of dinosaurs.  (The early 80′s.)  With its high-tech motorcycles, glowing lights, dangerous flying disks, and awesome spandex, not much can match up to the allure of TRON. The recent TV Series, TRON Uprising has put these toys in high demand this Christmas season. TRON Uprising TV Series – Rejuvenates Fans Here are 15 TRON toys and collectibles as a follow-up to our previous TRON gaming accessories post. …

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Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 3.32.49 PM

Cool Frequency Visualizers: The Top 6 On YouTube

Cool frequency visualizers are not only awesome, they are the key to getting more people to watch your music promotion videos.  Rule of thumb: if your video doesn’t look cool, I’m not going to watch it.  If I can listen to the same song while watching a bunch of lasers or some adorable kittens, I’m going to do it. Nowadays, everyone can go on their computer and create a YouTube channel.  And, with the music industry changing in the ways that it …

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Mini Remote Control Tank: Battletank Desk Pet

The government gets all huffy and puffy when you try to drive your tank home, but we have come up with the perfect solution.  Just get a mini remote control tank!  The Battletank Desk Pet is everything that you need to wage your own wars and conquer your own countries.     With these mini remote control tanks, you’ll be able to battle it out on the terrain of your choosing.  What’s more, each tank comes with its own iOS connector, since …

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moving plant growing kit

Grow Your Own Zombie Plants and Watch Them Play Dead

Many of you probably know of the Mimosa pudica, due to that Best Vines Facebook page that seems to always spam your feed, but very few of you probably know that the plant in question is called the Mimosa pudica.  It is also likely that you did not know of the new ThinkGeek Grow Your Own Zombie Plant product, which lets you have these crazy things in your own home! The .GIF above shows you exactly the kind of power that this kit will …

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